SUN REAL Renewable Energy Systems

Online articles

We published a newsletter which went out to clients and friends in our early years. We were forced to discontinue it due to our workload, and this material is now so old it should be viewed as historical. This section is not likely to be updated and will get archived at the next major site update.

These pages are mainly taken from articles in the newsletter and are presented here in three areas. Articles in each section are arranged by date, with the newest at the top.

Appliance Power Consumption Information

This currently contains listings of the power consumption of a number of computer products and some short articles on the power consumption of various other items. We have a lot more Macs available to us than Windows PC's, so the Macintosh is well represented here.

Technical Articles

Any other technical articles.

News and Comment

Older news items and commentary on the state of renewable energy in Australia.