SUN REAL Renewable Energy Systems


Update July 2013: We have not done a good job of keeping this in line with our stock of pre-loved equipment. We will try to update it as soon as we can inventory our stock. In the meantime, please give us a ring, or just drop in if you are looking for any equipment.

This is mainly second hand gear - new items are noted. All equipment in good working order unless otherwise specified. 3 month warranty on all items unless otherwise noted.

Give us a call on 03 5762 4848 if you would like further information on any of these items.

Description Make Model Notes Price inc GST
Inverter SEA Piccolo 150W, 12V. As new. $295
Inverter/Charger SEA Horizon 2200W 24V; 80A charger SOLD
Inverter Selectronic SA 21 1300W, 12 or 24V $1250
Inverter Selectronic SA 22 1600W, 12 or 24V; 2 available $1890
Inverter Selectronic SA 32 2400W, 24V, factory refurbished $2290
Inverter/Charger TRACE Engineering PS 2524 2500W, 24V; 65A charger $2690
Inverter/Charger TRACE Engineering U 2425 Modified Square Wave, 2500W, 24V $1195
Charger ICS InterActer 2425 24V 25A $390
Regulator AERL 600B 20A output; sophisticated MPPT controller/maximiser $490
Regulator AERL BLV800 28A output; sophisticated MPPT controller/maximiser $490
Regulator BP Solar GCR3000M 30A, 12-24V; with LCD display $140
Regulator BP Solar GCR3000 30A, 12-24V; 3 avail. $110
Regulator Plasmatronics PL40 40A, 12-48V; Current model. SOLD
Regulator Plasmatronics PL20 20A, 12-48V; Current model. SOLD
Regulator Plasmatronics PC2430 30A, 24V; 3 avail. $75
Wind turbine AIR 403 400W 24V. As new. $750
Micro-Hydro Turbine Platypus HV 4 nozzle 24 or 48V unit. Comes with controller. SOLD
Micro-Hydro Turbine Platypus PM 1000 24V unit. Comes with controller. $2495
System Monitor Cruising Equipment Emeter Comprehensive "battery fuel gauge" type monitor. Complete with shunt. $145
Pump FloJet 2130/132 12V. With pressure switch. Little use. $175
Pump ShurFlo 2088 12V, 3.4bar. With pressure switch. Continuous rating. New. SOLD
  Thunderbird n/a Deluxe electric fence tester $45
Assorted Lighting Various Various All 12V. Various lights, fittings. A serious bargain if you have 12V lighting. $95